Family time is important, especially in our highly technical world where screens are so prevalent. 

If your goal for 2020 is to spend more time with your family and friends, use electronics less and be outside more, we can help you achieve it all by installing a sunroom or balcony enclosure.

Our product allows you to ditch the screens and spend time together without distractions, interruptions or interference, all while enjoying the sounds of mother nature. Instead of rescheduling, moving or scrambling to get inside, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being protected, while still being able to enjoy your activities outside.

Special moments will be even better without bugs, debris, weather and other elements that can turn the best days into a disaster.

Okanagan Covertec takes your outdoor living space and creates a useful, multi-functional space that you can use for anything your heart desires; christmas, birthdays, special days, holidays, family meals and so much more! Imagine what you could do with extra, enclosed space when you don’t have to worry about damage to your home, your deck or your belongings. The best part is, our sunrooms even have locks, providing an extra security barrier to your home.



Winter and holidays…those words usually conjure memories of playing in the snow, hot chocolate, and precious moments. Why not make those memories even better in 2020 with a sunroom, patio cover or balcony enclosure from Okanagan Covertec? 

Imagine your kids waking up, heading into the sunroom and seeing reindeer prints outside the glass walls, then opening presents or having a family breakfast while the snow softly falls just inches away from you. Christmas dinner is magical when you feel like you are in a snowglobe! With the lights reflecting in the glass, the music on and laughter in the air, you can enjoy these precious moments even more in your unique outdoor space. We can even have it installed before Christmas 2020!


The options are endless for making your sunroom enchanting for your kids. Decorate it like Santa’s workshop or put the tree in the sunroom instead of in the house. Enjoy hot chocolate while watching them tire themselves out, playing just a few feet from where you are sitting. Your sunroom is like a seasonal flex space that you can decorate all year round.

Okanagan Covertec wants to help you make these celebrations with your family and friends even better! From holidays and treasured moments to just hanging out screen-free, we can bring more space, more charm and more peace of mind to your outdoor living space.

Ready to make 2020 extra special? Call us today for a free consultation and let us help you build your magical space!

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Our premium Lumon sunrooms and patio enclosures are guaranteed to add security, elegance, and efficiency to your private exterior living space, without compromising the view or the esthetics of your home. We are also the only Lumon supplier in the BC Interior!

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