For Storm Watchers AND Sun Bathers

Everyone will love your Covertec glass balcony enclosure, rain or shine!

Lumon Glass Windbreak Walls Make Better Balconies


Improve your home with a more usable balcony. Lumon retractable glass walls by Okanagan Covertec let you enjoy your outdoor space no matter the weather. Learn more about the benefits of Lumon glass balcony enclosures:

Protect your balcony


Protect your balcony, your family, your pets and your furniture with Lumon retractable glass walls from Covertec. The glass is frameless for an unobstructed view, and it retracts easily so you can let the summer breeze in. When closed, the strong yet lightweight glass keeps the rain, snow, wind and dust away. Not to mention, birds and bugs!

Reduce Noise on your Balcony


With Lumon glass walls around your balcony, you’re not only keeping the rain away, but you’re also reducing noise. In fact, Lumon balcony enclosures reduce noise by up to 50%! An enclosed balcony also helps you save on your energy bill. According to studies, Lumon balcony enclosures by Covertec reduce overall energy consumption by creating a solarium effect.

Extend your living space with an enclosed balcony


Your balcony is part of your home, but without a proper enclosure, it can be hard to enjoy it year round. Lumon balcony glass systems help you make the most of your balcony in any season and through any weather conditions. With retractable glass walls around your balcony, you’ll be finding more and more excuses to use it every day!

Year Round enjoy your balcony


With a balcony you can enjoy 365 days a year, you’ll be exploring the many ways you can make the most of it. You can update the furniture, try outdoor dining more often, turn it into a workout space, or even a place for the kids to play. The options are only limited by your imagination!

“The final product is exactly what we wanted for our balcony and we love the functionality of the Lumon glass walls. So excited to spend more time outside! Overall their workmanship was outstanding and we would definitely recommend Covertec and their products!”

Kenora G, Salmon Arm, BC

Use your balcony in any season