Heat is something we love in the winter, but at times can be a little excessive in the summer. The Okanagan heats up BIG TIME with temperatures that can get up to 40°C. That’s hot enough to boil an egg on the sidewalk, or bake cookies on your dashboard!

Now that summer is in full swing and our famous sunshine has come out, staying cool can be a challenge, especially when you want to be outside enjoying yard work, play or various other summer activities.

There is no better way to stay cool, protected and relaxed, than a patio cover, sunroom or retractable glass enclosure from Okanagan Covertec.

Really hot in the direct summer heat.Add the heat to the blazing sun and its UV rays, and you have a combination for being down right uncomfortable, and the potential from heat stroke/stress.

Heat stroke/stress is a very DANGEROUS condition where the body temperature rises to dangerous levels, due to warm conditions, such as summer, high levels of activity, or inadequate sun/heat protection!

Watch this informative animated video on heat stroke/stress from the Wisconsin Department of health for more information on this common heat induced condition.

Shade alone is not good enough to protect you from the sun’s UV rays, or the heat of our Okanagan summers. Sunscreen doesn’t always work as well as we like, especially if it does not have a high enough SPF. Environment Canada recommends staying indoors when the UV index is higher than 3, but what about summer fun? 

Our products are designed for optimal comfort and protection, so you can keep doing the things you love, without worrying about being too hot or burning your skin.

UV rays can cause cancer and sunburns, as well as damage artwork, furniture and other items. There are three types: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVB and UVC are the most damaging to organic materials such as our skin and cells. UVA accelerates the fading artwork, wood floors, and furniture.

Check out this great animated video on UV rays to learn more about them!

Avoid sun damage to your skin and belongings by investing in your outdoor living space! 

Get a Covertec sunroom, patio cover or retractable glass enclosure installed, and never worry about the negative side of summer again. When you choose our Acrylite® Heat Stop Cool Blue panels, you are investing even more in summer fun and protection!

Reflect up to 75% of the heat
Block 100% of the UV radiation
Protect against rain and snow
Allow the natural light in
Stay comfortable and cool
Manufacture backed 30-year non-yellowing and 10 year hail warranty
Low maintenance


We also make custom blinds and screens that integrate seamlessly with our vertical patio and balcony glass wall systems. Control the amount of light you let in, get even more heat and sun protection, and create the atmosphere you want.

Invest in an Okanagan Covertec system and you will have peace of mind that you, and your loved ones, are ‘covered’ this summer. Our Lumon products guarantee protection from the elements AND a level of enjoyment that you can’t get anywhere but in the privacy of your own backyard.

Check out our blog, Lifestyles of the Okanagan: Relax, Entertain, Namaste!, for more activities you can enjoy with a Covertec system.

We offer a complete range of engineered Lumon products! Our premium Lumon sunrooms, patio covers, and balcony glass enclosures add security, elegance, and efficiency to your private exterior living space, without compromising the view or the esthetics of your home. We are also the only Lumon supplier in the BC Interior!

From snowy mountaintops to sandy beaches, and everywhere in between…




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