At Okanagan Covertec we strive to provide you with only the best quality patio covers, sunrooms and retractable balcony glass enclosures. Our supplier, Lumon, is known internationally for having premium solutions for outdoor living spaces around the world.

Protect your furniture and extend the life of your balcony, façade, or patio
Spend more time outdoors with family, friends, pets or just relaxing by yourself
Add value to your home, allowing you to sell for a better price than before
Designed in Finland to withstand harsh winters and hot summers (-50C to +40C)
Expand your usable outdoor living space and enjoy natural light all year
Extend your growing season while protecting your plants from rain and the hot Okanagan sun
Stay dry all year long while enjoying the beauty of the Okanagan including the weather

Okanagan Covertec products will be sure to impress your guests and excite your senses. We can install them into an existing space, or create a new space for you to enjoy. The best part is we can also install them any time of the year, so you can plan your outdoor living space anytime.


Are you ready to enjoy the Okanagan all year round from your backyard patio or balcony?

Contact Okanagan Covertec and let us help you experience the beauty of the Okanagan, from the security of your home. Make this the year you make
Your Patio. Your Oasis.


Our patio covers come in a variety of styles, tints and frames to fit your exterior space. There is a patio cover to fit your home and your lifestyle. Choose from glass or acrylic panels, aluminium or wood frames, and classic, cathedral or pergola styles. With many benefits our patio covers are sure to make your outdoor living space, a very happy place! Click the title link for more information on our patio structures.

Block UV Rays and heat
Keep cool in the summer
Add retractable walls for even more protection from the elements


Our sunrooms are 3 season rooms, which means they will need to be heated in the winter, or you can grab a cozy blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and curl up to watch the fresh snow falling. Enjoy pattering rain and blazing sun, without worrying about being exposed to the wet, cold or heat.

With many more benefits, why wait till the weather changes again? Start planning your sunroom today.

Increase security for pets, family and personal belongings
Decrease energy consumption
Protect from all elements including wind, smoke and debris


Lumon balcony enclosures are very popular in many European and Scandinavian countries. In Canada, there has been a growing trend for these types of balcony glass enclosures in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Not only can they help save A LOT in energy and balcony maintenance costs every month, but they offer more personal use and privacy than a standard balcony without glass walls. Paired with our compatible screens and blinds, you can enjoy a sense of privacy and security. Our frameless retractable balcony glass enclosures also do not count towards your total gross floor space (FSR).
Ready to enjoy your balcony all year? Give us a call today to start designing your dream balcony.

Reduce noise by up to 50%
Lower energy consumption
Easy maintenance with inward opening panels and less balcony cleaning


Our screen and blinds come in a variety of styles, transparencies and colors. All of them are designed to integrate seamlessly with our Lumon Systems and can be added during the planning stages or as an additional feature later on.

Keep the bugs out with an insect screen
Gain more privacy
Reduce heating and cooling costs
Control the amount of light with transparent blinds and UV blinds
Integrate seamlessly with your Lumon sunroom or balcony system

Why wait till the weather changes again?

All of our systems are constructed with only the highest quality materials. With a timeless beauty all their own, we promise that Okanagan Covertec’s Lumon systems will last for generations if properly maintained. Maintenance is also simple and easy, allowing you to spend more time enjoying, and less time cleaning. With an array of options to fit your lifestyle, let us do the hard work while you reap the benefits, enjoyment and relaxation of a new Patio Cover, Sunroom or Balcony Glass Enclosure.

Start planning your Patio Cover, Sunroom or Balcony Glass Enclosure today, so you can enjoy whatever mother nature throws at you tomorrow! Explore our Okanagan Covertec website or contact us at 1.844.469.7118. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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