Breathe the fresh air, marvel at the beauty of nature and relax…while improving your health and wellness.


There are A LOT of benefits from being outdoors. Okanagan Covertec’s products help you live a healthier and more active lifestyle every day by giving you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors more frequently.

“Several studies have suggested that suddenly getting a lot of sun is more dangerous than steady exposure over time.” – Harvard Health Publishing

The Okanagan has plenty of sun, fun and outdoor living. Why not enjoy it on your own terms and reap the health benefits? 

Did you know? The sun plays an important role in our growth and development. Spending time in natural light and fresh air can improve not only Vitamin D production, but also lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Absorbing sunshine is a vital  part of everyday life!


1. Sharper Mind and Vision

Being outdoors has been linked to improved memory and reduced stress. Physiologically, our bodies respond to being outside by reducing cortisol (stress hormone) levels and heart rate. Being active outdoors also improves memory. This makes an outdoor space the perfect area for studying or working. Give your brain the boost it needs, without caffeine or energy drinks, by spending more time outside.

A study of elementary school children has shown that spending more time outside is also excellent for your eye health, reducing the risk of nearsightedness as you age. Giving your creative vision a boost is also something that being outdoors can help with. Work outside in the comfort of a sunroom, patio cover or balcony enclosure.

Our sunrooms, patio covers and balcony enclosures allow natural light in while protecting you from harmful UV rays!


2. Healthy Body

Like plants, we need the sun to produce some of the chemicals in our body, like Vitamin D, known as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’. Vitamin D is important for your health and wellness because it protects againstinflammation, lowers high blood pressure, helps muscles, improves brain function and may even protect against cancer. Being outside has proven to reduce inflammation and pain, even in Arthritis patients.

You can shake off those blues by sitting outside in the sunshine too! Sun has been proven to help reduce the effects of Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (SAD), depression, stress, and anxiety. Just smelling plants and flowers is just like aromatherapy and things like roses, cut grass and pine can help you feel more relaxed and calm.

By investing in a sunroom, patio cover or balcony enclosure, you are investing in the long term health and wellness of you and your family. 

3. Reduced risk factors for illness

Being outdoors has also proven to be effective in reducing the risk of illnesses such as Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Cancer. Studies have also shown that being outdoors more frequently can also have an impact on your sleep, blood pressure and heart rate. There is a significantly decreased risk of premature death, preterm birth and a longer life expectancy in individuals who spend time outside regularly.

Live the life you have always wanted and invest in a sunroom, patio cover or balcony enclosure so you can enjoy the outdoors AND the benefits that go along with it. 


4. Reduce Allergy Triggers

Studies have shown that people, especially children, who spend a lot of time outside are less likely to suffer from severe allergies. This is due to the immune system boost your system gets from being outdoors. A huge benefit of our enclosed sunroom and balcony products is the ability to close them when you need to. Windy, dry days can be bad for people who suffer from allergies. Closing your sunroom or balcony enclosure can help reduce the pollen and dust that comes into your space.


5. Easy to keep clean

Maintenance is a breeze! From reducing allergens to cleaning sticky handprints off of the glass, our products make life a little easier…and healthier! Our glass
panels pivot inwards and can be cleaned of dust and other particles that can cause issues. Our acrylic roof panels have no drip and anti-algae coatings to prevent build-up from ruining your facade and causing health problems.

With the addition of insect screens, blinds, shade or LED lights, you can add even more benefits to our products. Keeping out insects like bees and wasps, especially if you have family members who are allergic, can be the difference between fun and none.

With a variety of products, colour options, screens, shades and blinds to choose from you can truly create that dream outdoor living space for you and your family! 

Okanagan Covertec products can help you get back to nature, stay healthy and improve wellness. By investing in one of our sunrooms, patio covers or balcony enclosures, you are taking the first step towards a lifestyle that brings you outdoors more often and could improve your health. Have the freedom to enjoy all of life’s moments, without worrying about your plans being spoiled by weather, allergies, insects or other things that tend to keep you from enjoying your yard.


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Contact Okanagan Covertec and let us help you experience the beauty of the Okanagan, from the security of your home. Our premium Lumon sunrooms are guaranteed to add security, elegance, and efficiency to your private exterior living space, without compromising the view or the esthetics of your home. We are also the only Lumon supplier in the BC Interior!

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