The words ‘Spring is here’ elicit emotions of excitement from some people and dread for others. From the beauty of nature coming to life to the maintenance chores that occur every year, there is a wide range of emotions towards spring. 

This year, spring has been met by the open arms of hesitation because we can’t really do a lot of things outdoors without worrying about social distancing, hand sanitizing and touching publicly used doors and debit machines. Many are choosing just to stay home instead even though you are allowed to go for a walk or play in a field, while others are opting to take advantage of the sunshine and warm temperatures.

We even get to spend a lot of time with our family these days, which is great! But for many, boredom is setting in and spring tasks are not usually the first thing people fall back to. Planning you to-list can help but you will have the same stress every year. Planning a permanent solution will give you peace of mind and you will enjoy the seasonal changes much more. 

Although spring cleaning and maintaining your outdoor living space can seem like a chore, we think it’s all about perspective!

TIP #1 – Cover your deck or enclose your balcony! 

Take away your spring stress when needing to deal with the fall and winter cleanup. Not only will this reduce your spring cleaning chore list down to yard work and easy deck cleaning, but it will also allow you the freedom to be outside even more.

If you are a hot tub owner, moving your hot tub into a covered or enclosed area will also give you more freedom to use it when you want as well as increased privacy! The possibilities are endless when it comes to a covered or enclosed outdoor living space.

What would you be doing if you could have almost unlimited access to your deck or balcony even in the rain or on high UV days?


TIP #2 – Cleaning takes less time with a patio cover, habitat screen or enclosed space! It is even as easy as soap and water. 

Dish soap will usually suffice for cleaning everything from your hands to glass and metal. Don’t fret over special cleaners unless you have a specific problem, like stains on your concrete or mould and mildew. We do not recommend alcohol-based cleaners on our acrylic Covertec products. With a cover or enclosed space, your patio cleaning tasks become easier and take less time. 

What would you use the extra time for? If there are projects you have been wanting to tackle having extra time is the perfect excuse for them. From other spring cleaning tasks to those DIY projects you have been wanting to try, there is so much you could be doing right now.

TIP #3 – You can never really keep all of the bugs away but a habitat screen or enclosed space can help! Understanding the different species and their role in the ecosystem is also a great way to learn to live with them.

Spring will inevitably bring all sorts of insects out in force. From the helpful bee to the annoying mosquito, there WILL be bugs in your yard. Spiders eat mosquitos and other garden pests, bees help pollinate your plants and those wasps, well they eat other bugs too.

Maybe you have a kid’s birthday party and you don’t want the bees trying to steal the cake icing or you are having a romantic evening and prefer to avoid mosquito bites. Habitat screens can help to keep pests out of your home and off of your deck, providing a safe haven on the days when you just want to keep the bugs out.

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Spring is beautiful and now is the time to create the perfect low-maintenance home getaway, right in your backyard. If you are interested in patio covers, balcony enclosures or habitat screens, give us a call and we would be happy to help you enhance your outdoor living space! From commercial to residential projects, we can ensure your deck will have timeless, unique beauty creating a usable space for every occasion.

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