The word ‘weather’ can be a noun or a verb depending on the definition. It either means how hot, dry, wet, windy or sunny it is OR it means to break down or wear away over a period of time.

All Lumon products are precisely engineered to meet rigorous standards when it comes to keeping mother nature at bay. Wind, rain, snow and even hail, are no match for the superior craftsmanship of Lumon glass and acrylic panels.

Minimizing the impact of weather, while maximizing your enjoyment, is paramount. Make your patio, your oasis!


Acrylite® Acrylic Panels

The Acrylite® acrylic panels in our cover systems are strong enough to walk on, light enough to carry and powerful enough to keep the weather out. They are beautiful to look at and available in a range of colors and styles to match your facade and your lifestyle.

Image shows the Lumon VT4 roof system

  • Hail-resistant with a 10-year warranty for withstanding hailstones with a kinetic energy of 1 joule
  • Engineered to local snow loads and building codes
  • Will never turn yellow (30-year non-yellowing warranty) and 10-year light transmission warranty
  • Blocks UV rays and up to 75% of the sun’s heat
  • 100% recyclable and shatter-resistant

Lumon Glass Panels

Our vertical Lumon glass panels are just as impressive as our Acrylite® panels, but they can also withstand higher wind loads.

Image shows Lumon railing with L6 retractable balcony glass on top

  • Extends the life of building facades for 25 years
  • Image shows Lumon L6B retractable balcony glass system
  • Engineered to local snow loads and building codes
  • Seismic and fire resistant
  • Blocks 100% of UV rays
  • Withstands winds up to 300km/h!

With weather protection you will spend more time outside admiring the seasonal weather patterns, soaking away in the warm sun through the winter months and retracting the glass in the hot summer months!

Trust the experience, security and engineering of the Lumon glass panels!


Local Snow Loads

Discover the beauty of winter in a Lumon sunroom

Snow loads are calculated using the formula S = Is[Ss(CbCwCsCa)+Sr] , as per section of the BC Building Code (2010). The minimum snow load for a non-sloped (0 degrees), non-slippery roof, in Vernon, BC is 35 psf and decreases as the roof slope increases.

Check out the Jabacus snow load calculator at to see how changing the slope, importance factors and location, affects the minimum snow loads.


Wind Load/Resistance

Wind loads are just as important as snow loads and are calculated locally. In the Okanagan, we can have winds up to 100km/h due to the geography of our valley acting like a wind tunnel. They are rare occurrences, but they do happen and usually cause a lot of damage to properties, trees and anything along our shorelines. It is important to ensure that your glass can withstand these wind speeds and pressures.

All Lumon Glass is engineered to withstand wind loads of 300km/h, which are
hurricane wind speeds!

If you want to protect your home from the damage caused by snow, hail, rain or wind, and extend the use of your existing outdoor living space, a patio cover, sunroom or retractable balcony glass enclosure is something you should seriously consider investing in. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but it will also bring more value to your home by decreasing maintenance costs and increasing resale value.

If you are ready to keep the weather out, we are ready to help you get there! Give us a call, visit our website, find us on Facebook or pop by our office in Vernon. You can download the following PDFs for more information on the key features of Lumon glass and acrylic panels.