Patio Cover Tips

Getting a new patio cover installed is the first step toward enjoying more good times in your outdoor living space! Okanagan Covertec has a few suggestions for getting the most from your new patio enclosure.

Patio Cover Maintenance

Thankfully, Okanagan Covertec patio covers are designed to withstand the elements, and even the weight of a full-grown adult! That means maintaining your patio cover is simple! Try these easy tips: 


Cleaning Your Acrylic

Taking care of your acrylic patio cover is easy because it contains silicone, which means it’s self-cleaning! All you need to do is rinse it with a hose or let the rain do it for you. Don’t use alcohol-based cleaning products but gentle dish soap is safe.

Cleaning Your Glass Panels

If you went with the glass option, the good news is, that’s easy to clean too! We suggest using a long-handled squeegee with soapy water or any regular household cleaner.


Patio Furniture Tips

If you’re buying new furniture to decorate your new patio space, we strongly recommend getting furniture that’s meant for outdoors. Outdoor furniture is specifically treated to withstand fluctuating temperatures and moisture and is often made out of moisture-resistant materials. Choose your patio furniture and accessories wisely for the best results!

“I enjoy my deck so much…a very good investment indeed! I am thankful that I covered the whole deck and not just half…thank you for your professional advice. You did an excellent job integrating the cover posts in the deck railing as well.
Friends and family are jokingly calling it “the new hang out place in Vernon!”

Regula A., Vernon, BC