Instead of jumping into your exterior renovation head first, take a step back and think it through. You will enjoy it so much more. Entice your friends and family with the promise of something marvellous. Plan your Lumon patio cover, sunroom, or balcony enclosure, before you need it.

Whether you have a lakeside home, where you can see crystalline waters and appreciate warm summer breezes, or a breathtaking panorama of the city at night, our patio covers and enclosures will be sure to dazzle your guests even more than the view.


Why should I plan my patio cover, sunroom, or balcony enclosure now?

Think about it, dinner under the stars during a rainstorm, a party on the patio in the heat of summer or some hot chocolate on your balcony with friends after a massive winter snowfall.

These are just some of the fantastic things that you can enjoy by planning your next patio cover, sunroom, or balcony enclosure project. Let yourself experience the outdoors and keep your pets and family safe while keeping mother nature’s forces out.

It is always an excellent idea to have a solid plan going into any project, big or small. Construction companies will have one because they help guide your project through to completion.

Renovation plans involve taking your vision and adding the process to get you there! This typically includes determining your budget, making product decisions and all other steps leading up to the final design approval and construction. Think of your plan as the recipe for your project and all the materials are your ingredients.

A plan will help you see all the smaller details of your project including:

  • Materials
  • Style & Options chosen
  • Any Extra Features
  • Overall Design
  • Estimates, Budgets and Timelines

After the final design is approved, materials finalized, and a start date has been agreed on, we will order everything and start the construction process.


How long does the whole planning process typically take?

Depending on the project complexity, scale, the material chosen, as well as any changes to the design, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to fully complete your project. On average, it will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks. The longest wait time comes from ordering the customized materials for your project, but once they arrive installation is quick and easy.

We ensure that everything is working correctly before signing off on your completed project.  Hybrid patio structures and our retractable glass panels usually take a bit longer to install due to the complexity that they can add to a project. However, on average we can install our Lumon systems in under one week, once the materials arrive.

Sunrooms – 3-5 day installation

Patio Covers – 1-2 day installation

Balcony glass wall projects – 1-2 day installation

We can also install your new Lumon patio cover, sunroom, or balcony enclosure in any season, which means anytime is a great time to start planning! If we foresee any problems, or if any issues arise, we will let you know immediately, especially if it will affect your project timelines.


Why Choose Okanagan Covertec?

At Okanagan Covertec, we offer a complete range of engineered Lumon products to make your outdoor living space the ultimate staycation, in any weather and any season. Our premium Lumon sunrooms, patio covers, and balcony glass enclosures add security, elegance, and efficiency to your private exterior living space, without compromising the view or the esthetic of your home. We are also the only Lumon supplier in the BC Interior!

Our exclusive Lumon systems come with a variety of options that can be customized to fit almost any space, large or small. We offer a range of full-length glass or acrylic walls, panels and covers for your sunroom or patio, as well as balcony railing enclosures and integrated screens and blinds.

Start planning your exterior renovation now and enjoy the beautiful Okanagan seasons, without the stress of weather, insects, or debris! We promise transparency and honest customer service, from the moment we answer the phone.

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From snowy mountaintops to sandy beaches, and everywhere in between…

We have your exterior living space covered, from roof to floor!