Talius Habitat Screens™


Want to maximize your time on your porch or balcony and enhance your outdoor and indoor living through the spring and summer months? With the addition of Habitat Screens™ you maintain your beautiful valley or garden views and create a living space that is cool, insect free and therefore comfortable for your after-work relaxation or weekend get together. Now, sit back, relax and don’t worry about that raging heat or those pesky wasps and busy flies!

Have an existing sunroom? In most applications our retractable screens can be integrated into your existing outdoor living space so you can enjoy it more throughout the year.

Features and Benefits of Habitat Screens™

  • Block the Heat, Not Your View.
  • Offering solar tints that reduce UV damage, optimize comfort and privacy all while providing energy savings and airflow.
  • Operate manually with an easy to use crank rod system or utilize the convenient motorized option with remote. We can also supply sun and wind sensors, timers and home automation solutions.
  • The vinyl-coated polyester screen fabric is engineered for exterior applications. They are available in a variety of colours and weaves.
  • There are 5 standard colours (white, beige, brown, silver and black) and over 1800 other custom paint options for you to choose from.
  • Engineered to install in up to 19’2” wide x 14’ tall openings!
  • The edge retention system prevents the screen from blowing out on windy days and reduces maintenance.
  • Enjoy ease of cleaning by just spraying them down with water and leaving to dry.

We offer Habitat Screens™ for residential, commercial indoor and outdoor, high-rise condo and educational facilities.