Talius Rollshutters™


Are you planning on spending some time away from your home but are concerned about the security of your home or the unknown effects of the seasonal elements? Looking to save on your cooling bills through the hot summer months? Alongside Talius we can custom design rollshutters to suite your needs and provide you with peace of mind. By adding rollshutters you can increase your indoor comfort and sense of security at your home or cottage.

Live at home or away knowing our rollshutters are innovatively manufactured to withstand forced entry and the harshest outside elements including intense sunlight, strong winds and severe storms.

Features and Benefits of Talius Rollshutters™

  •  Rollshutters are insulated and because they are installed on the outside of your windows they help to keep the heat in during the winter and keep the sun’s heat out during the summer months.
  • Due to their strong aluminum properties and design Talius rollshutters create a solid outdoor barrier that reduce outdoor noise, prevents broken glass, theft and other sorts of vandalism (ask us about our anti-graffiti coating!).
  • The rollshutters are retractable so down when you need them and up out of the way when you don’t.
  • Operate manually with an easy to use crank rod system or utilize the convenient motorized option with remote. We can also supply sun and wind sensors, timers and home automation solutions.
  • There are 4 standard colours (white, beige, brown, and silver) and over 1800 other custom paint options for you to choose from.
  • Enjoy ease of cleaning by just spraying them down with water and leaving to dry.

We offer rollshutters for residential, commercial and educational facilities. For commercial we can also apply photo quality graphics to your rollshutters to promote your corporate identity.