Our sunrooms can be enjoyed all year round, but in the winter they will require extra heating. By giving your sunroom a unique, seasonal personality, your sunroom will always be a cozy space, in any season.


Spring…a time of renewal, rebirth and of course…rain, insects and pollen! Our structures protect you, and your freshly planted garden from the spring weather, allergens and insects… But how do you make it feel like spring in your sunroom too?

Spring colors are bright, fresh and inspired by nature! Think about your favorite flowers, the dark and bright green hues of plants and growth, the blue sky and even Easter. All of the wonderful colors that come with spring can be infused into your space, giving it a cheery ambience.

It is as easy as adding splashes of color using throw pillows, accessories or even colorful plants. Swapping out your chair cushions, table cloth, decorations and other elements can be tedious to do every 3 months, so focusing on a few items makes it easier. Store them in a container when you want to change the look and feel.

Add some of our custom screens and blinds, and you will be able to set the perfect amount of light and let the breeze in when you want.


Summer is a favored season for decor as there are so many ways to inject personality into your space. Many people lean toward nautical or beach type themes, while others like splashes of citrus colors like red, orange and yellow. It’s easy to make your sunroom feel like summer!

Many spring palettes can also be used for summer too because the colors are great for both seasons. For us here in the Okanagan, fresh fruit comes to mind. With a rich variety of colors and tones, fruit can give you tons of inspiration.

Store your bikes and summer toys in your sunroom, or move your exercise equipment there to take advantage of the benefits of fresh air and sunshine, or make a space for your BBQ and enjoy it regardless of the weather.

There are so many ways you can give a summer personality to your outdoor living space. For ideas on how to stay cool during the summer, and enjoy your patio, check out our blog, Beat The Okanagan Heat: Stay Protected with Okanagan Covertec.


With fall comes the colors of the season like dark red, browns and deep greens. It is a time to start feeling cozy by adding splashes of color and texture with throw blankets, pillows, gourds or decorative pumpkins, and even fall leaves will give you a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the colors of the season.

Think about rustic themes and the muted, rich tones you see during this season. Adding neutral colors like white, black and browns can enhance the pops of color. Furs, wood, earthy tones like brown, orange, gold, black, grey, all work great for this season.

Using nature as inspiration is a way for you to bring the outside, into your space without needing to replace everything. Small color details added can give your sunroom a whole new style.

Our covers and enclosures keep you, and your seasonal decor, protected from most of the unsavory weather that comes with fall too!

Read our blog about how our products can protect you from the elements that come with the seasons: Mother Nature vs. Lumon: How our products are engineered for snow, hail and wind resistance.


Winter is the coldest and least colorful month of the year, but it still has its own personality and beauty. Texture is a big one for winter palettes and things like furs and flannel make most people think of winter. Adding area rugs, throw blankets and lights for the shorter days will give you a winter escape that is cozy and comfortable.

Adding color like silver, gold, deep purples, white and grey compliment winter perfectly! Silver accessories add some sparkle, while cozy colors like dark warm tones make you feel like getting comfy. Holiday colors always work for winter themes and so do winter-related items like skis, snowshoes or hockey memorabilia, are perfect complements to this season.

In the winter, there are many things you can do with your space. Instead of putting the Christmas tree in the living room, put it in your outdoor space. Nothing screams winter like a Christmas tree with all the trimmings or some cozy fur throw and a fireplace.

Read our blog, Gatherings and Special Moments with Okanagan Covertec Products, for more information on enjoying holidays and gatherings with our products.

What activities can I enjoy and what about winter enjoyment?

Our blog, Lifestyles of the Okanagan: Relax, Entertain, Namaste!, has some great ways to enjoy your favorite activities in an outdoor enclosure. From gardening and yoga to hobbies, an extra play space or more family time, our Lumon sunrooms expand your home and make life more enjoyable.

Spend time in a Covertec sunroom throughout the winter. On the brighter days, grab a cup of coffee, find a good book and relish in the warmth of the sun. On cloudy days, the addition of a space heater or electric fireplace will help create a warm, cozy and comfortable outdoor living space. Add a few plush pillows, some throw blankets and your set to enjoy the great outdoors!

If you do decide to use heaters, BBQs or other devices that release Carbon Monoxide gases, you will need to ensure proper ventilation for the space. Our Lumon glass sunrooms make this easy by slightly opening and locking an individual panel which is key to ensuring a happy, healthy outdoor space.

For more on ways you can use your outdoor space from Okanagan Covertec, check out our recent blogs or head to our blog page for more information on our products!

Why Okanagan Covertec?

With Okanagan Covertec you can have a space with a personality as unique as you are. By just adding pops of color and some accessories, your outdoor living space will always be a conversation starter and will likely become one of your favorite places to hang out, work out, study, and more!

From complete sunroom additions to transforming your existing patio space into a gorgeous sunroom, Covertec offers a range of options for every style and budget. Choose from sliding patio glass, frameless retractable patio and balcony glass.

Our experts can work with you to design and install the most appealing and functional sunroom for your home. With our unparalleled customer service, you will be happy you chose Covertec as your glass sunroom company.

From snowy mountaintops to sandy beaches, and everywhere in between…WE HAVE YOU ‘COVERED’!


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