Patio Enclosures for Major Sunroom Envy

Style. Strength. Versatility. Okanagan Covertec sunrooms bring plenty of benefits.

Patio Enclosures with Benefits


Covertec patio enclosures have brought joy to many homeowners in Kelowna, South Okanagan and the BC interior. That’s because they bring numerous benefits beyond beautifying outdoor living spaces. Learn about the many benefits of getting a custom sunroom from Covertec:


Patio Enclosures Expand Your Living Space


With the addition of a sunroom or solarium you invite new living space to your home. This is an opportunity to open up your home life to the Okanagan outdoors on the beautiful days and provides protection on the snowy, windy or rainy days.

Our frameless retractable glass keeps the elements, birds and outdoor animals out of your patio space without compromising the amount of sunlight that you receive. With the additional protection this means less time and money spent on patio repairs plus protecting your patio furniture investment. Enjoy the heat from the sun in the cooler months, boosting the warmth in your home. In the warmer months all of Covertecs sunroom options allow you can retract the glass panels or slide the vinyl panes anytime for fresh air and sunshine.

Patio Enclosures for Added Security


Keep your patio furniture, outdoor accessories and loved ones safe with Covertec’s lockable sunrooms and solariums. A patio enclosure offers a great way to enjoy the outdoors while in the safety of your home. It’s also perfect for enjoying some outside time with your pets without worrying that they’ll run off and not make it back home.


Your Covertec sunroom is also ideal for use as secure storage space. Keep your bikes, sports equipment, gardening tools or anything you like securely locked away and protected from weather damage. No matter which sunroom option you choose, security is always included.


A beautifully designed Patio Enclosure


Make all your patio and sunroom dreams come true with help from the experts at Covertec! Backed by extensive product and technical knowledge, we work with you to design the perfect solution to complement your home and your lifestyle. You can rest easy knowing our patio and balcony consultants will design a high-quality patio enclosure you can be proud to show off.



You can feel good about purchasing a Covertec patio enclosure because we strive to uphold environmentally responsible standards in both our manufacturing practices and the materials we use. Our glass and aluminum materials are fully recyclable, and we are careful to reuse and recycle production material remnants in new products so nothing is wasted.

Durable and tested patio enclosures made in Canada


Covertec patio enclosures are manufactured locally in Canada, but have been designed to withstand a variety of climates around the globe. You can be confident that our products can take on the coldest Canadian winters, the hottest Okanagan summers, and everything in between! Our glass sunrooms were designed in Finland, specifically to withstand extreme Scandinavian temperatures. Our patio enclosures products were designed in Florida to let the breeze in while keeping the bugs away.

No matter which Covertec patio system you choose, you know you’re getting a high quality product. That’s because our designers are working constantly on product development, design and research to deliver the best custom patio enclosures to our customers across the Okanagan and BC Interior.

“We loved our outdoor living space by Okanagan Covertec but when it came to having to sell our home to move into something smaller we knew it would fashion the sale.”

Ronald R., Kelowna, BC