Spring is a time for renewal, rebirth and warmer temperatures. Along with the beauty of spring comes harsher UV rays, insects and animals, debris and weather that can ruin your outdoor plans.

Our Lumon sunrooms, patio covers and balcony enclosures help you enjoy spring, without the pests that come with it. Our add-on options and other products provide you with more control over your outdoor space while giving you peace of mind all year. Add extra security, reduce debris from changing seasons and weather, control the amount of light you let in and keep out insects and other animals.

Lumon Custom Blinds
Lumon glass sunroom, balcony enclosure or VT4 glass patio cover

Control the amount of light or breeze that comes into your space by installing blinds.

Custom fit Lumon blinds are easy to use and offer the privacy and sun protection you may require.

Our blinds are custom made for your Lumon glass sunroom, VT4 patio cover or balcony enclosure. Made of 100% washable polyester and completely anti-static, our blinds are manufactured right here in Canada and are expertly installed on-site by our professional team! They are easy for every member of your family to use, from young to old.

Keep the glaring sun and it’s UV rays at bay while protecting your privacy when you are outside.

Lumon blinds offer shade and privacy with 4 different shades/tints.

For our retractable and sliding glass panels, the blinds are installed affixed to each individual glass pane so you can still open and close your patio or balcony glass with ease. We can even supply custom fit blinds for your glass patio cover to reduce the heat on the hot days while still providing you with the flexibility to open and enjoy the open sky views at any time.

Talius Habitat Screens and Rollshutters
For your home or condo exterior

The newest additions to our Covertec family are Talius roll shutters and retractable habitat screens. These products can be installed on the exterior of your home, no sunroom or patio cover required! Talius is a local company from Salmon Arm, BC and is an industry-leading manufacturer of roll shutters and screens in North America.

Do you wish you could control the weather? With habitat screens, you can…sort of.

Talius Retractable ScreensWith spring on the way, habitat screens are the perfect way to let the breeze in, without the bugs and debris. With solar tints that offer UV protection and privacy, you will save on your energy bill and control the airflow in your home, while staying cool and comfortable. Easily match the colour of the aluminum profiles to your existing facade and individual taste. Choose from manual operation with a crank rod or a motorized option with a remote. We also offer sun & wind sensors, timers and other home automation solutions.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Batten down the hatches!”? With our Talius roll shutters, you can do just that!

Rollshutters provide shade, security and help reduce your carbon footprintThe Okanagan Valley is famous for windstorms every few years, usually resulting in major property damage from tree branches, flying debris and other issues. The unique shape of our valley can act like a wind tunnel, producing wind speeds over 80km/h.

Perfect for cabins, vacation homes or just to have extra security and peace of mind while you are away, our roll shutters provide peace of mind and controllable comfort and security.

For more information on Talius Screens and Rollshutters visit our website – Talius Screens & Roll Shutters

Integrated LED Lights
For your aluminum or wood frame VT4 patio cover

Our newest feature for our VT4 Patio Covers is LED lighting!

LED Lights are a great way to light up your outdoor living space with Covertec VT4 covers!Covertec’s LED lighting product is one-of-a-kind and offers the following features:

  • Cost-effective lighting solution for our VT4 patio covers.
  • Fully controlled via WIFI, from your cell phone, or by remote.
  • Light strips are available in white or black background so they invisibly blend into the cover.
  • Go with white light or RGB colour.
  • Choose festive or seasonal colour arrangements.
  • Pulse the lights to your favourite music.
  • Dim or lighten to your heart’s content.
  • Place lights on a timer so they automatically turn on, extending an invitation for you to come outside!

For more information on our LED’s for your Lumon patio cover please visit our Patio Cover Options page!

Weatherwall Panels
For enclosing your existing deck or new sunroom addition

When our 3-season Weatherwall panels are completely open, you experience 75% breeze but no bugs with the fixed screen backing. Close the Weatherwall panels and you now have 100% protection from wind, rain, pollen, bugs and other weather. The memory film will bounce back to its original shape within EZE Breeze panels always let in the light, close or open to create your optimal outdoor sunroom space.minutes of being poked, pressed or hit. It’s like magic!

With an aluminum frame and memory film, they complement any facade or style, without sacrificing your view.  They can also be integrated into your existing outdoor space or built custom to fit any new Covertec sunroom design.

Check out our Sunroom Options page for more information on our sunroom options, including Weatherwall and our Lumon glass panels.


Okanagan Covertec is your exterior enhancement specialists! From sunrooms, balcony windbreaks and patio covers, to complete habitat screen and roll shutter systems for your doors and windows, we offer you exterior solutions for peace of mind, security and year-round enjoyment.

Keep the weather out and the fun in! Our products can be installed on cabins, ski chalets and homes, as well as in offices, restaurants and other commercial areas. Okanagan Covertec has you covered…no matter where you are!

Ready to give your home a facelift? Call us today for a free consultation and let us help you enhance the exterior of your home!

Call us today to start planning your outdoor space or to discuss how our exterior enhancements can give you more security and privacy. For inspiration, information and how-to videos on our products, add-ons and options visit our website at covertec.ca!


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