You love your pets! Furry, feathered, scaled, or swimming…they all count as beloved members of the family. Our products are designed with protection and safety in mind, even for your pets.

Why does my pet need more outdoor time?

“Like people, pets get bored if there is not enough variety in their lives. And with boredom often comes laziness, non-participation in family activities, irritability, depression, and behaviour problems. Changing your pet’s surroundings is critical to his good health – both mental and physical.” – PetCoach – The Importance of Outdoor Time

We don’t want to leave our pets at home inside the house when we go to work or head out to do other things, but sometimes there is no choice. If you live in an apartment or condo, they usually have to be left inside.

For dogs, this can be stressful. They react by howling at the door, destroying your belongings, or running rampant when you do let them out.  Although your pets can be self-sufficient they are still animals with emotions and they need to be kept entertained and safe. If you have a yard, is leaving them outside a good idea? Let’s explore this topic a bit further.

The dangers to your pet come in many forms when they are outside! 

An animal who is left unsupervised in the backyard for long periods of time risks having serious problems with their health. One of the most common things that cause a threat to your pet is them leaving or escaping the property and being hit by a vehicle. Even with the best fence, other animals such as cats, dogs and raccoons, can still attack your pet, causing bites that can become infected if not treated. Larger animals like coyotes, bears and foxes, tend to do more damage than smaller animals.

There are also so many toxins and poisons to watch for; things like antifreeze, pesticides and rodent poisons kill many pets every year due to the narrow window to administer an antidote. Many plants are also dangerous to pets; lilies, azaleas, cyclamen and even tulip bulbs and hyacinth can kill your pet!

Also, consider that while being outside your dog may still run around barking at this and that just to keep entertained. Yes, letting your neighbours know you have full-time security is good but it is probably not the most enjoyable to listen to if you are on the other side of the fence.

Dogs are great but what about my cat?


With cats, you have three types: indoor, outdoor, or both! Regardless of where your cat spends most of its day, outside, they love to dig and do their business in your, and the neighbours, gardens or sandboxes and occasionally gift you with a prized catch, another dead animal. While inside they use a smelly and messy litter box and could be clawing at your fine furniture or carpets. If you live in an apartment or condo, the chances are your cat is always inside the house.

“Some people believe that cats are natural outdoor pets and will be happier outside, but according to the Humane Society of the United States, cats will stay healthier as indoor pets.” Does Your Pet Belong Indoors or Outdoors?

How can I better care for my pet?

If your detached home has a pre-existing covered patio or space to build an indoor-outdoor room, also known as a sunroom, then Okanagan Covertec is happy to work with you! Our sunroom options, patio with glass, manual or motorized retractable screens or balcony enclosures offer a place for you to let your pet out, that also serves as an extra useable retreat for your whole family.

Living in a condo or an apartment limits your options but we can build a 3-season enclosed balcony that lets in the fresh air and light and keeps out other animals, all while keeping your pet safe. You also don’t have to worry about exposure to fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects that can make your pet sick. A balcony enclosure by Covertec will allow them more freedom and benefit from being outside more often, without you worrying about them falling off the balcony! BONUS: Your enclosed condo balcony by Okanagan Covertec does not add to your floor square foot ratio (FSR) which means you gain additional outdoor living space at just the fixed cost of the sunroom installation.

Being outside is good and you want your pet to stay happy and healthy! Allowing them to spend more time outside in a secure area will help increase their happiness, decrease boredom and give your pet the freedom they truly deserve. A sunroom by Okanagan Covertec is your perfect solution!

WAIT!…what about my bird or fish?

Our sunrooms and balcony enclosures are perfect for feathered and aquatic pets too! Set up your bird, hamster, or guinea pig in your sunroom during the warmer months. Our sunrooms are three-season, so smaller animals such as birds, fish, and rodents likely won’t be able to stay out there all year round. However, they can still benefit from fresh air and sunshine, just like your cat, dog, and you!

No matter what type of pet you own there are benefits for both you and them! Investing in a sunroom or balcony enclosure gives you the confidence to let your pet out while you are away, and also gives you and your family many benefits. These outdoor living spaces are multi-purpose areas that can be used for entertaining, working, studying, hobbies, or relaxing.

The best part is…we can build any time of the year. Snow, rain and hail do not stop us from giving you a space that fits your lifestyle.

In summary, what are the benefits to me, as a pet owner, and my pet?

Benefits for your pet:

  1. Less stress
  2. Better Health
  3. Vitamin D (Yes…Just like us)
  4. Reduced boredom
  5. Protection/Safety
  6. Protection from other animals

Benefits for you as a pet owner:

  1. A functional space you can both use
  2. Peace of mind that they are safe
  3. Confidence to leave your pet alone
  4. Lower vet bills
  5. Calmer pets
  6. Healthier pets

Read more on the outdoor benefits for your pet here:  5 Reasons to Get Outdoors with your pet

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It’s time to make



From snowy mountaintops to sandy beaches, and everywhere in between…WE HAVE YOU ‘COVERED’!

Our premium Lumon sunrooms and patio enclosures are guaranteed to add security, elegance, and efficiency to your private exterior living space, without compromising the view or the esthetics of your home. We are also the only Lumon supplier in the BC Interior!

Investing in a sunroom or balcony enclosure ensures you, your family and your pets will have the freedom to enjoy all of life’s moments. Stop worrying about your plans being spoiled by things that tend to keep you from enjoying your yard or worrying about your pet. Contact Okanagan Covertec and let us help you experience the beauty of the Okanagan, from the security of your home.

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